Guildford Colonial Gaol

Colonial Gaol

The Swan Guildford Historical Society conducts guided tours through the Colonial Gaol in Guildford.  Volunteer tour guides give visitors a real insight into the early days of law and order, and talk about the role of convicts in the settlement between 1850 and 1868.

The Colonial Gaol is an important example of colonial architecture largely built by convict labour. It was built in four stages from 1841 to 1867 and was in use as a police station until 1969.

We tell the story of law and order in Guildford and the Swan District together with a Rogue’s Gallery of some of the Gaol’s inmates.  Visitors will have a chance to walk inside a Gaol cell, complete with toilet bucket in the corner!

The Colonial Gaol is also home to some of the Society’s collection of social history artefacts.  these artefacts show how people lived and worked in Guildford and the surrounding area. What kind of telephones and exchanges were used?  How was wood cut for weatherboard houses, the roof shingles or even to make the roads?  What was the blacksmith’s role in society, and what tools did the cooper use?

Enjoy a browse through a time gone by.  Our tour guides will let you in on the secrets behind many of the objects.